Dear Friends & Families:
The McCune Assisted & Independent Living Community is grateful for all that is in place to keep us safe and Coronavirus free. We are grateful for the wonderful staff that are adjusting daily to the updated preventatives put in place, keeping us safe. We’re grateful to the Western North Carolina Lions Board of Directors, working tirelessly with us on policy updates and making endless efforts to assure that we don’t run out of supplies. We are grateful for the agencies that keep us updated such as the Division of Social Services, the Health Department, Communicable Disease Center, and our North Carolina Association. We’re grateful to the people living in our community that understand and collaborate with us for smart policies and procedures that maximize safety. We’re grateful for our friends and families working with us to assure comfort is offered to our residents that our housebound during these difficult times. Because of all these things, we are equipped to battle the threat of Coronavirus in our community.
Please remember to take care of yourself. Please remember how important you are to us. Please keep us in your prayers. Remember how much your support means to us. This too won’t last forever, and when it’s over we’ll have learned a lot and we’ll be stronger for it. Rest assured that we look forward to having you back with us soon and that we are doing all things possible to keep safe and to help those entrusted to us have interesting things to do and remain happy during these difficult times.
Frances Coates

The Marjorie McCune Community is a licensed Adult Care Home owned and operated by the Lions of Western North Carolina, and has a simple mission:

“To meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our residents in a home-like environment, with independence, freedom of choice and dignity.”

What makes the Marjorie McCune Community special?

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A home-like setting with caring and experienced staff since 1976.

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Highly Rated Affordable Assisted and Independent Living Community

Activities at Marjorie McCune Community assisted living black mountain nc

We have activities for every level of interest! From art to the outdoors, Marjorie McCune offers exactly the environment you’re looking for!

Outdoor Activities at Marjorie McCune Community assisted living center

A Beautiful Residential Environment Centered on Community

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a visit, please contact us using the form or information below:

101 Lions Way | Black Mountain, NC 28711
Phone: (828) 669-8452
Fax: (828) 669-5003

Owned and Operated by Western NC Lions, Inc