VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Several of our residents are asking to learn email, google searches and word on the computer. Please consider volunteering your time to help us with this project. Some of the people are visually impaired so we’ll read the information to them and spend a little more time with processes. Call me if you can help at 828-669-8452 x 11 or 828-582-6573 cell phone.

EASTER EGG HUNT – Easter Candy Needed Don’t miss this free event! The center is having their 14th Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt. The youngest children’s egg hunt is at 1 with each age group having their own. There’s a hunt for teenagers and for adults. There’s also a special egg hunt with prizes, a raffle, and a full Easter basket prize for each person in each age group that finds the most eggs. It’s a lot of fun! Please help us make this a huge success with lots of candy to fill our eggs and thrill our kids.

CAMP DOGWOOD Please help us send our VIP Campers to Camp Dogwood this summer. Forms are being filled out, doctors are being seen, and anticipation is at an all-time high! These campers go every year thanks to the Lion’s and other donors kindness and generosity. We are so grateful.

VOLUNTEER DAY, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Join us on 6/01 at 9 a.m. for a day of fellowship and fun! We’ll be sprucing up the grounds. This has been a tradition for decades. It provides points for our Environmental Day Lion’s Challenge, brings people together for a delicious continental breakfast and BBQ and is the reason that the grounds of the center are so beautiful. Contact the center at 828-669-8452!

THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF WNC Once again we’ve applied with this outstanding community grant that benefits the people that live here with medical supplies, medications, equipment, and so much more. We’ll be hearing from them shortly. Each year we’ve received $7,500. With the insurance decreases and cuts, we’ve asked for $10,000. We’re so grateful to them.

Respectfully yours,
Frances Coates, Administrator