Administrator’s Report: I just celebrated my fifteenth anniversary at the McCune Community. I have seen so much growth, compassion, involvement and kindness. I am truly grateful to be a part of this loving community. How fortunate for the foresight of our forefathers to create a happy home for so many. And how fortunate that the Lions from that point forward and yet today have followed the vision; assuring a wonderful home for the frail elderly, disabled and visually impaired.

As our new Lion year begins, we will work with the new and old friends that make our community exceptional. And hope to serve in a way that when people see our community they feel proud and honored to be a part of it.

Grateful: Don’t be surprised to see a beautiful, brand new passenger van going down the street with smiling people inside and with ‘Marjorie McCune Assisted & Independent Living Community’ decoratively painted on the sides. This has been years in the making and is now a reality. It’s difficult to know how many of the WNC Lion’s Board of Directors had a hand in making this happen. We are grateful.

Adopt a Room: It’s hard to believe, but five years have passed! Every resident’s room needs to be adopted by an individual or by a Lion’s Club. A room is adopted for $1,000; allowing us to replace or repair flooring, painting, pictures, bedspreads, sheets, curtains, shades, furnishings, and all of the niceties that make our resident’s rooms special. Once a room is adopted we put a gold plaque on the door of the room to recognize the Club or individual that made the transformation possible and honor the donors at our Thanksgiving Banquet. Thank you to all that have provided this needed service in the past and thanks to all that will continue to make this project possible. I’ll forward a letter to each Club that already has a room. For those Clubs that haven’t adopted a room, we still have several that need you. This project directly affects the people of our community and isn’t used in any other area of the building. Please consider this project for our new Lion’s year.

Frances Coates