Marjorie McCune Assisted & Independent Living Community
Frances Coates, Administrator

The world is in Phase 2 of this pandemic, but for nursing homes and assisted living centers, we remain without visitors and residents confined to their rooms. The love and support that you and the many Lion’s Clubs are providing are so welcome and make such a difference. An Alexa for every resident arrived this month from our Haywood County Lions Clubs! Canton, Clyde, Waynesville and Maggie Valley get a huge thank-you and big hugs! Coloring books, books, music, refreshments, whatever is requested we are trying to supply. Thanks to the Etowah Lion’s Club and all of you that are making this possible.

There is no COVID-19 here. We are learning new ways to live. Increased disinfection, daily temperatures taken, masks at all times, foods served in rooms instead of in our beautiful dining room. Golf, bowling, cornhole, beachball, trivia pursuit, ring toss, even our bingo, devotions and storyteller are done in the hallways. There are more goodies, more art, more reading, more word searches being done than ever before, with ice cream being a routine item. We’ve planned big parties when this is over. We will get back to bowling alleys, restaurants, dances at The Barn, movie theaters, Tourist ball games, maybe even 4th of July Fireworks. The people that live here are used to having lots of choices!

The people living in our community eat in their rooms on over-the-bed trays now. Unless taking a stroll where no one else is, they stay in their rooms. Our families and friends are skyping or calling, but not able to visit yet. The donations of masks and items for entertainment are welcome diversions and greatly appreciated. The people that live here and work here understand and are patient and kind. The most difficult part of all of this is being without you.

We are grateful to be symptom free with no Covid-19. This month everyone was tested to make sure we know if there is someone that may be asymptomatic. We are all negative. We know that some of our neighboring caregivers are having the same, or more, difficult times and our hearts go out to them.